Founded on July 15, 2008 by Étienne Lévesque Guitard and Véronique Jetté, known respectively in the community by their nickname Pacoup and Vlex, AMV-Canada sought to create a community to promote the creation of AMVs in Canada.

Inspired by AMV-France, a well-known AMV contest organizer for the notable Japan Expo and community enabler of French AMV, AMV-Canada landed a contract to organize G-Anime 2009's AMV contest and opened its forums for the first time on August 21, 2008. A few weeks later, the official web site went live.

In early 2010, after two successful years with the G-AMV contest, important members of AMV-Canada, including the president, decided to quit the organization in order to pursue other goals.

It was then decided that AMV-Canada's activities would be taken over by the SAJG, the organization reponsible for hosting AMV-Canada's G-AMV contest at G-Anime.

In early 2011, following the SAJG-backed 2011 G-AMV contest, strong criticism of the jugement results prompted former AMV-Canada members to backtrack on the decision of giving AMV-Canada to the SAJG. AMV-Canada was subsequently shut down shortly thereafter.